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***  October 11, 2016  -  June 30, 2021  ***

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#It Matters How People Are Treated  started Here, but it will not end here.

Welcome to Journeyman's Row.  Welcome to a corner of curiosity where I will be advocating for positive mental health & wellness by documenting my ongoing journey.  Using my unique perspective on a wide range of mental health topics, I intend to be a strong voice for the benefit of anyone who needs someone to look up to for hope and guidance.

My blogging will include the happiest, the saddest, the interesting, the random, the past and present; a discussion of important issues that will create a collective journey for interested readers and for self-discovery of my own as this website progresses.  One of the key focuses will be to increase awareness of depression, anxiety, suicide, and mental health in general for me to begin making a bigger difference with people from all walks of life.  I will also write about inspirational topics such as music, film, theater, and art as my way to share what has inspired me and to keep this journey as lively as I can.

My goal is to share important lessons I have learned with an open mind, so that I will be able to help more people in the ways, and numbers, that I have not been able to reach yet.  Or as I like to say, "Helping just one person is not enough.  If I could, I would help them all".  Being a Penn State graduate makes this outreach effort mean so much more to me personally, and this is a way to showcase the good that the University does every day in communities across the world.

I encourage everyone to leave any assumptions about mental illness here by the door.  In the long run, the reward will be well worth it for you will not only know me better, you will be able to carry what you discover here into your own lives for the people you know, love, and care about very dearly.

It doesn't matter who you are or how much my advocacy for mental health can benefit you and your loved ones...  You will never have to thank me.

This is for You.

Worth it.

I have a dream...”, “ bring together a group of remarkable people.  To see if we could become something more.  So when you need us, we could fight the battles that you never could.”

(my adaptation from Martin Luther King, Jr.'s iconic speech, and the MCU Nick Fury Avengers Initiative film quote).


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