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No barriers to healing

Posted on December 23, 2016 at 1:05 AM

As I refine my techniques to advocate for positive mental health and wellness, one of my goals is to identify and prevent barriers from making it difficult for victims to seek help or that may discourage any of you from trusting what I share. With my writing in particular, the first way I want to do this has already been a point I've touched on last month. Given the Christmas holiday coming up, I feel compelled to encourage everyone regardless of your religious beliefs that what I write is not intended with religious overtones. The fact that the roots of my religious belief is Protestant Christian is not meant to alienate anyone. When I say I hope my writings of healing and inspiration can reach people across the world, I also mean to respect everyone who may read this too. Allow me to explain.

Whether you believe in Christianity, Islam, Gnosticism, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Atheism, etc., I do not mean to undermine your beliefs by anything that I write about. This occurred to me when I acknowledged Thanksgiving, since it is a celebrated United States holiday by the calendar year. Christmas loomed larger in my mind because some of my friends are not Christian. I already respect other people's religious beliefs, so I wanted to convey that through here as well. Obviously, if I abstained from blogging content-wise on every holiday that would cut down the amount of blogs I could write for advocating mental health. While I will post a non-content blog on Christmas Day, I don't want this action to turn people away from the genuine healing I am working to share.

If anyone reading this is not of Christian religious background it doesn't matter what your beliefs are, I humbly encourage you to trust that my intentions are meant for the betterment of mental health. Everyone is welcome to join me on this journey, and I will make every effort to respect my readers such wonderful people that you are. Another reason for going out of my way to keep religion from becoming a barrier is the still tender tensions involving Muslims, particularly in the United States and Europe. For many people in recent years, the conflict with terrorism has shone a most unfortunate light upon the otherwise peace loving Muslims that do outnumber the violent offenders. If it is in your culture to regard my writing differently, please apply the most helpful aspects of what I share here so that you can find the strength you need to stand up against mental illnesses. So, please pardon my religious tone as I further explain what I mean.

During studies of history from grade school up through earning my Bachelor's degree in History at Penn State Altoona, naturally I have a very unique perspective on religion. I have covered countless civilizations with infinitely different religions, so yes it is true that overall my study of history has in some form influenced my own religious beliefs. If I have the terminology correct, I consider myself a Christian Pantheist. The roots of what I believe in is Christianity and my savior is Jesus Christ, but because of my history studies I have widened my beliefs of how I perceive God as universal to all other cultures. God is of all and in all, a professor of mine once said. So while my Christian background could discourage people of other religions and turn them away, I wanted to explain this because of my degree. I have a worldview of God, because I humbly believe we all perceive Him in a different way.

This doesn't mean since my religious roots are Christian in nature, that the wisdom and healing I encourage with my advocacy can't be applied to everyone who may read this. Everyone is welcome, and I insist with genuine generosity and respect. There is no ploy to manipulate anyone because as you have well seen, I tell it like it is. I also recognize that mental illness does not discriminate between religious beliefs. The effect is just as detrimental to a Christian as it can be to a Muslim. Hopefully, by touching on this sensitive topic I have made it clear why my study of history has encouraged my open-mindedness towards other people and that my message of healing can transcend this as well as many other boundaries.

You don't have to celebrate Christmas as it is, but regardless of your religious beliefs I already accept all of you into my heart anyway. I intend to extend the same amount of effort to help you with your struggles against mental illness no matter what your beliefs are, and I hope you will accept my respect in kind as well.

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1 Comment

Reply Abdullah
9:20 PM on December 26, 2016 
I totally agree with you. you did bring good points; God is for everyone and we practice that in different ways. keep going with your blogs; its so inspiring.