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Setting aside politics

Posted on January 27, 2017 at 1:05 AM

Just as I began writing about suicide discussion on the 19th, I had been contemplating what to blog about after the suicide arc finished. Yes, I try to stay ahead of the game by that much. I was thinking of course to go after another barrier to mental health, at the time before the US Presidential Inauguration. However, when I posted the first suicide discussion blog on the 20th, I changed my mind about what barrier I wanted to pursue. Given the heated rivalry of liberal supporters here in the US, and the continued ferocious opposition to the elected President Donald Trump, I saw the perfect opportunity of a barrier I could concentrate on while it was fresh in American's minds and people around the world who may read this.

The barrier of politics.

Now, I am referring to global politics of countries around the world when I say what follows, but I will mostly be concentrating on the volatile political climate of the United States. I want to make this absolutely clear by stating for the record that I am in staunch opposition of any efforts to illegitimize, defund, or sabotage positive and effective mental health treatments whatever they may be or where they may be needed. I do not care who is in power. I do not care which US President is in office. Neither do I affiliate my mental health advocacy with any political party of power whatsoever. Period. One of the reasons why is because here in the US every two and four years pretty much dictates policy. I intend this advocacy to last a heck of a lot longer than two years.

I want to clear the board first and prevent myself or any of you from coming under fire by critics. As some of you may have already noticed, I frequently avoid societal labels such as: moderate, conservative, Republican, Tea Party, nerd, white, and white privilege for example. Although I do have a bunch of Bibles in my possession. :) I have had Liberals claim to me in person that from social media I was a Tea Party supporter. Nope. I especially refuse to align my political beliefs, because our government is so corrupt no matter who you vote for the choice is, as Edward Snowden says, "the lesser of two evils is also Evil". I may by nature be quite indecisive, yet that willingness to see labels such as politics for what they are allows me to be decisive.

On the other hand, having over a decade of confident experience avoiding those same society-imposed labels has improved my objectivity and ability of using critical thinking to my advantage. Now, it is paying off here. At some point or other, politics may play a part in how people get treatment, creation and enforcement of laws that affect us, or targeting violent retribution against people with mental illnesses, etc. If you leave your political affiliations aside, then I will have your back. I know there are a lot of important causes to fight for out there. Cancer being the number one on my mind right now, along with world hunger, poverty, etc. I am not suggesting that they aren't important. This is the time for us to make a difference and create a positive culture for future generations.

Mental health and awareness, such as keeping people like Katelyn Nicole Davis from taking their lives, is as important as any person trying to live a happy and fulfilling life. Everyone deserves that without question or hesitation. Being in such stark opposition if politics doesn't support this cause means eventually I, or any of you, may face stiff opposition. Naturally some of you will feel rightfully and righteously empowered to help mental health, much like I am right now. What I encourage is to carry the non-violence I practice with you when defending this ground we stand on right now. If you conduct yourselves as honest and considerate, even when political tensions have you crawling up and around walls, then we will be able to face anything.

We are, after all, only human. Press the wrong button on me and I'll tell you more than how it is. I know how passionate people can become when they stand up for what they believe in. Naturally, someone is bound to get too emotional and maybe say things out of turn. It'll happen. I felt like going off on Katelyn's step-father when I saw her streamed video, but I didn't pass judgment. Turns out, some thirteen year old kid living in Morocco kept incessantly egging her on to hang herself. How and why she got to the point of the tree involves dozens of factors. I stuck to my ethics and refrained from judging the step-father also because I was not there, nor did I know exactly what all drove Katelyn to do what she did.

If you have differing political beliefs from anything I have expressed throughout my blogging, but feel you don't want to align yourself with my advocacy then I respect that and your decision of free will. If you are tolerant and keep potential differences aside, like I said I will go to the mat for that kind of cooperation. I really respect people who can set aside their differences and work together to achieve a common goal. That gets into lifelong friendship territory for me. One of my top influences for peaceful demonstration and advocating for human rights comes from Martin Luther King, Jr. There are plenty of considerate and helpful ways every one of us can do to help this cause, and learn to become more knowledgeable about how to help in the future. There are also a host of differences to set aside.

But the reason why I am making such an abrupt target of political barriers to mental health is because ever since the US Presidential election last year I have seen nothing but hatred and encouragement of violence from liberal supporters. I know that I may lose some of you for making this distinction, but bear with me because it goes beyond political differences. I have already lost at least one Facebook friend because she unfriended me. What did I do? I resent the friend request to practice what I believe. There is a fine line between standing up for what you believe in and encouraging or engaging in violent action. If you choose to use force when force is not necessary, you will only lose in the end. It doesn't matter what the differences may be. You will be taking monstrous steps backwards and making enemies.

We don't want or need enemies here. It is difficult enough for a lot of us to find acceptance in society to begin with. We want to be tolerant and acceptant because social stigma would have us do otherwise. Social stigma and hatred would have us making this situation far worse without actually helping anyone at all. Social stigma would have us bullying people who don't agree with us or feel as passionate about helping other people as I hope most of you can be. Being considerate and expressing your opinion to someone else in a proper manner is always respectable. But ganging up on someone, especially through the internet, and hammering them until they crack, is just as bad as that Moroccan kid egging Katelyn on to hang herself. That won't fly here and it will not do anything for people who need help.

When a person of considerable influence, status, or popularity, decides to cross that line and spout violence or hatred, to me that goes against what I strongly believe about Martin Luther King Jr. The specific reason that convinced me to target political differences was a remark made by Madonna while at the Women's March this past weekend. And I quote her words, "I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House". Seriously? Do you see the hatred? What exactly is expressing an openly violent opinion, or from your influence inspiring people who look up to you to 'consider blowing up the White House', what is that attitude going to accomplish? Where is the peaceful demonstration? Where exactly is the cooperation to work together?

I won't presume to tell any one of you what to do. You have your destined right to free will and I will never violate that. You have already seen me show you respect by trusting those that decide for themselves whether to join along on this journey and be supportive. Thank you very much, by the way. I hope I have made it clear even to people who differ from my political beliefs to see just how counter-productive hatred and violence can be with all things including mental health. And if someone goes to blow up the White House, guess who will probably get blamed?

WE will be blamed!

Oh some crazy person did it. They must have been suicidal or a basket case. Why didn't they seek help? Why did they resort to violence that outspoken, influential people such as Madonna are encouraging? Oh the loss of life and irrevocable damage done to innocent people who lost their lives in the tragedy... Need I go on? And do you see the ways that true suicide easily gets intertwined with murder-suicide? I know people who orchestrate this kind of behavior will be difficult to face, but each step we take and every bit of progress we make will make a difference. Count on it. We are in this together, and we will have strength in numbers.

Amidst all of this vicious US political tension as of late, one actress in Hollywood had the courage to say the right thing despite the potential for serious backlash. Backlash that has been happening ever since November. I felt that while I am right on the mark about countering political differences to mental health and wellness, I would show my respect for her along with the accomplishments in film that she has made to date.

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