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An update for "Just Before"

Posted on January 29, 2017 at 1:00 AM

Alright. What a week of discussion this has been. To some people talking about suicide may be controversial, and for others a taboo, but this is what an advocate like me can do for you. Advocates for mental health can face the tough topics and confront the hard choices which many of you cannot or are stigmatized by to keep you in silence. It has been a long road so far, which while I have an opportunity in between topics I want to use this time to update all of you first on the short story writing. My ambitions for the story writing haven't changed, but I've been considering what to do with my writing priorities in general. This post will keep you informed of the potential change I am thinking of doing in the coming weeks.

When I first started in mid-October, the first and foremost goal on my mind was to share my experiences with mental illness, and all the positive topics such as sharing sources of inspiration and my public outreach & volunteering background. This is still my top priority, but I've seriously been considering ending the daily blogging after Valentine's Day. This way I would have blogged every day for over one third of a year, which is more than one hundred twenty two days. I seriously would prefer to blog every day for an entire year, but that just isn't realistic nor will anyone want to read that much. I have a lot to share, plenty of ideas, and a massive number of people to advocate for.

While I won't decide until the beginning of February, what I would do is blog possibly once every several days or once a week rather than just stopping blogging for two weeks. I am considering taking up to two weeks to work on writing more mental health themed short stories. I've already found I find it very difficult to write content material for blogging and short story writing at the same time. Blog writing is informal, but the story writing is formal and needs to be focused to convey the characters and details I want to reflect mental health. On average, it takes me a minimum of two to three days in a row to write a single eight paragraph short story part. Proofreading, revisions, more proofreading, etc., requires more focused effort than content blogging has.

I didn't think of the short story writing until very late October and early November, off the cuff. I want to do both, but clearly I can't. Greedy, I know. I love all of you and especially want to give my all for helping anyone with mental health conditions. I just figured if I blog for one third of a year's time every day, that should show my commitment to this cause and share a lot of what I want to cover first. I am still holding off on going into maximum detail about my personal experiences with depression, suicide, and anxiety disorders. This won't be the last stuff I share about myself, but I will be blogging about specific incidents for several days at a time to share as much as I can.

For example, I still intend to carefully share what my weak overdose attempt was like. That requires a lot of context, explanation, and discussing different points of view all in itself. So, if you wondered why I seem to jump around a lot from what happened in my past, this is because I'm just providing the top layer and superficial details. Nothing too in-depth. By mid-year, I fully expect to share in greater detail the specific events of my past that I have already mentioned. But by taking a potential break in mid-February, I hope to get ahead on the short story writing because I really would love to pursue publishing the collective work containing all these short stories, "Just Before the Dawn", by year's end and early next year.

I will be around to share the content blogging and advocate for mental health and wellness. I want to get the short story writing done sooner than later so I can more quickly pursue publishing. Once I get published, I will be able to sell the book and donate proceeds to either the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention here locally and/or the National Alliance on Mental Illness initiatives.

This brings me to the final point about the blog category "Just Before the Dawn" itself. I have officially decided not to post any more of the short stories I write publicly on my website, because that would defeat the purpose of the published book. If everyone read it online in blog form, there would be no point for the book. I feel by posting the first two short stories I have given enough preview for what the book will be about, while reserving the remaining stories for the book. So, until further notice, blog posts using this category will be about updates with my short story writing and progress later on with the book publishing.

Once a month or so, I feel is good to blog about my short story writing for anyone who is interested to know what my progress is. I feel so empowered sharing my experiences through content blogging, but blogging again for every day over too long a time period is too much to expect anyone to read. Even for those voracious readers amongst you. :) During the next several weeks I am also pursuing mental health trainings which I will probably blog about on here as well.

Thank you for reading this far and joining me on this journey. Just a change of plans but the advocacy will continue to go on strong.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you and bless you all.

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