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Update and new developments

Posted on March 26, 2017 at 1:10 AM

Well, this should be an interesting blog post to offer all of you because I have several positive developments in the last two weeks to share. Despite still working on the employment career issue and anxiety holding it up, I honestly continue to flourish from the positive energy I've been creating through my advocacy blogging and short story writing. More so the story writing lately, but my fourth and fifth stories will turn out to be absolute gems thanks to this creative force for good. Allow me to explain.

First, I would like to thank all those involved, and the local NAMI Conference Planning Committee participants, who have worked hard to organize this year's Blair County Pennsylvania "Find Your Voice" Recovery Conference on April 20th. The energy and anticipation is so strong that it can be felt with our fingertips. As we roll into the final weeks of preparation, I encourage anyone who is local to this area to contact me or the NAMI PA Blair County office for information on registration. Trust me when I say that this event will be amazing, and I am really looking forward to volunteering all day as well as attending to learn as much as I can.

A new update I have for May, Mental Health Awareness month, is just as exciting to share and looks to be beneficial as well. I was offered and have accepted the opportunity to be one of four individuals to give a speech about our experiences with mental illness. As I pursue mental health trainings and ways to improve my advocacy skills, this gracious chance should prove to be invaluable on the stepping stone towards finding greater opportunities for helping people like me. I haven't done much public speaking and do have to be mindful of anxiety that could make it difficult to speak in front of a captive audience. However, I am eager and ready for the challenges as they come.

For twenty three years, and ongoing, I have lived under the influence of several mental illness issues. I am more than ready and willing to face challenges like public speaking anxieties on the road to inspiring more people. In October last year, when I made the decision to begin sharing and then advocating for mental health awareness, I accepted the responsibilities with taking this journey and I don't intend to turn back now. I have found my calling, so whichever challenges I may come up against will be bared by my resilience and determination. In less than an hour, I was already able to write a very compelling speech clocked in at under seven minutes rough draft. So, I look forward to refining it and giving my most inspiring presentation at the end of May for the speaking event. More details on that as they become official.

Since I have decided to attend rather than participate at the "Find Your Voice" Recovery Conference, this has allowed me to make my decision on when I will return to regular content blogging. The reason why I felt compelled to resume blogging by the end of April was in fact because of the Conference itself. Now that I have allowed myself more time and alleviated the unintended self-inflicted pressure, I have decided to continue short story writing definitely through all of April and as far through May until I am able to finish my sixth and final short story.

Recently, I began to realize I was having small burnouts when writing my third and fourth short stories due to this pressure I placed on myself. I made sure my writing quality and composition were not affected, but I don't want to rush my writing and risk the stories not turning out as good as I hope they can be. By giving myself more time, I ensure that these last two short stories will be of the best writing effort I can muster. I also hope I have been respecting all of you who continue to follow along with my advocacy, by posting these updates every two weeks. It is important for me to accomplish a lot in my life right now, and keeping my fan base at the top of the list will always be my priority.

Thankfully, yesterday I was able to finish my fourth mental health themed short story, entitled "Legs of an Angel"©. Earlier this week, I had a random inspiration for what and how to write the fifth story. I wanted to do another female lead character and work in themes of drug addiction as well as suicide. When I thought of what kind of character she would be, I also wanted to try a different approach of when to reveal her back story and past. So, this story, entitled "Gone, But Not Forgotten"©, will have much more mystery and subtlety to the main character than any other character I will end up writing. She will be a question mark until the right moment comes for her to open up in the story, which I hope will be adventurous for me to write as well as a challenge to write her well.

I expect two to three weeks to have this story completed after which I will begin the final sixth story, entitled "The Sum of Love And Fear"©. Again, if my short story writing takes me until May to complete I won't be rushing myself from here on out. Expect updates to continue until then on every two weeks, with the next blog post on April 9th.

Also, I want to offer my sincerest condolences for a best friend's loss of her beloved mother who unexpectedly passed away recently. She has been an invaluable person to talk to over the last three years, and I hope however she will deal with this sad loss that she knows everyone is here for her in this time of grief. Bless your heart. May you have the strength to get through this difficult time, and anyone to talk to about your feelings if and when you need someone to listen. Reach out to me anytime.

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