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This is no April Fool's

Posted on April 9, 2017 at 1:00 AM

Besides the fact that I don't like April Fool's jokes in the first place. Welcome back newcomers and fans alike. Welcome! Not as many new developments, but definitely updates on the ones still in progress. In short, continued progress with my mental health themed short story writing, as well as preparations for both mental health conferences coming up. So, let's dive right in shall we?

The NAMI organized "Find Your Voice" Recovery Conference is just eleven days away on the 20th, and I will be attending as well as volunteering during the entire event time frame. Preparations were completed yesterday, and I tip my hat to all those who gathered since November to help organize this conference. I have no doubt that it will prove to be jam packed full of valuable education and awareness material. Hoorah! Can't wait.

There has also been very promising progress with the May Is Mental Health Month Conference event as well. I will be one of three to four select participants presenting a speech about our own experiences with mental illness. Mine will focus on a condensed summary including the most important details about my prior twenty three years of experience with various symptoms, such as suicide, depression, anxiety, and social stigma. I have already given a presentation to the committee members and community support staff in one meeting, and one of them in particular said my speech gave her goosebumps it was so touching.

The deeper and more compelling a connection I can reach with them, with the conference attendees, my fellow speakers, and anyone speeches like this one in the future, the better. Twenty three years, or more specifically at least the last seventeen years being rendered indecisive with every career decision I have ever attempted to make including college. Seventeen years since high school graduation getting nowhere, yet looking perfectly normal on the outside and shunned by many with social stigma. This is the extremely difficult, risky, and challenging phase of adversity that I have yet to face.

I'm thirty five. Every day I spend not establishing myself in an employment position compounds much of everything else in my life. Yet, here I am. Defying my mental illness symptoms and beginning after all this time to finally push back against it. No, I don't want any undue sympathy. I just hope I make it. This May event speech draft will not be something I post publicly because I am tailoring it specifically for live speech presentations to captive audiences. This is why I intend to do future speaking events as soon as more become available. Now is the time to pursue those opportunities as well, and as they become official I will share the details with all of you here too.

Lastly, I am a little behind my intended schedule with the mental health themed short story writing, but I must say that the fifth story is turning out very, very nicely. "Gone, But Not Forgotten"©, starring Eliza Kusagi and her mysterious jaded past, is about to reach its climax moment. Earlier today I just finished the fourth of seven expected chapters, which means this next chapter will begin the powerful climax material. I intend to be finished with this story by mid-April, followed by either beginning the final sixth story or doing final revisions to the second publicly posted story.

"To Have Loved & Lost"©, has already been revised to omit racial identity details, numerous secondary character names have been changed, and more will come. I have nearly come to a decision to further omit State references and replace them with general location details, as well as additional revisions in order to shape the story more to fit anonymity and shape it more like the other five stories. These six stories are strictly meant to be fictional, with various elements drawn from real life, but to represent six distinct morality tales with mental health themes through all of them.

"Just Before the Dawn"© is my lifelong ambition not just to achieve a published written work but also to publish my inspiration from the childhood Aesop's Fables I remember years ago. These tales shaped the right and wrong that is most of who I am today. Being able to create my own fables with valuable mental health themes, is very important for me as I continue to move forward in this career field and advocacy efforts.

All in all, aside from some tension regarding my as of yet unresolved career issues, everything is going baby skin smoothly. Expect the next blog update to be posted on Sunday, April 23rd, and will include important details about how the "Find Your Voice" goes. See you all then.

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