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Dear Ms. Brown,

Posted on July 14, 2017 at 1:15 AM

Now that I've finished my six short stories for the book project, as I get back in gear for regular blogging I wanted to give a very special nod to my biggest inspiration for writing fiction. Best-selling author, Sandra Brown.

It all started sometime within a year or two after I graduated from Penn State Altoona in December of 2002. During that year I had taken an English course in which we were assigned various books to read and write reports about. One of the books changed my lack of interest for reading from then on. Jon Krakauer's book, Into Thin Air. Its harrowing account about the tragic loss of eight climbers on Mount Everest during 1996 made me realize there actually were books I could leisurely read. After college, I soon developed an interest to explore other books that might be as awe inspiring to read. The ultimate genre choice of murder mystery was probably influenced by my interest in forensic science from shows like the original Medical Detectives and Forensic Files.

I wanted to check out the best writing, but was faced with a ton of notable authors to choose from. Naturally, I was very skeptical of which authors to try because I hadn't read any of their books before back then. I also hadn't really read any books for leisure outside of high school or college because my Attention Deficit Disorder made it a challenge to focus on sitting still to read for lengths of time. This made me rather picky for which author to choose. On the other hand, movies such as Cabin By The Lake had me teeming with creative curiosity. So, I decided to try murder mystery fiction with the best choice of authors I felt I could make.

Sandra Brown was a prominent best-selling author of the genre and I liked the book descriptions of hers that I read. Through I purchased a large hardcover copy of her book, Chill Factor. What appealed to me about this specific book as my first was the implied harsh setting of a snow-covered cold environment such as Alaska. The characters were interesting enough to have me invest in what would happen as the story progressed. Brown's easy-to-follow writing style rich with well written details made the book very refreshing for me to read. In no time I finished the book and knew I had picked the right author. During the years since then, I have not only purchased more of Sandra Brown's books but have read several as well.

The Witness, Breath Of Scandal, and Ricochet were amazing stand-alone novels each of which I could not put down once I started reading them. Fully convinced of her writing talents I have also purchased Smoke Screen, Lethal, Low Pressure, The Crush, Mirror Image, and Envy so far. One of Brown's strengths is her ability to portray her characters in all sorts of situations but with writing quality that an average person has no problem understanding and following along with. Not to mention how she does a superb job crafting her main characters into those that quickly pull you in to follow and invest in. The only reason I haven't read the books of hers I already bought is because once I started theater script creative writing and my writing of "Just Before the Dawn", I've tended to write more than read leisurely.

It is a bit of a bias for me to hold Sandra Brown to such high regard for being the author that impressed me on the first murder mystery suspense novel I read. I have thoroughly enjoyed other authors of the genre such as Elizabeth Becka, Lisa Gardner, and particularly Michael Connelly. These authors possessed the same quality and skill, but I suppose it is only fair to regard Brown for winning me on my first book because of her talent to write so well. At some point I intend to put down the proverbial keyboard-pen and catch up on those books I bought but haven't yet read. Though, when I get my first book edited and published I intend to send a special copy to Sandra Brown.

I want to thank her for being the empowering inspiration to write fiction that she has been for me and shall continue to be in the future as well. Thank you, so kindly.

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