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Before I begin, again

Posted on March 11, 2018 at 12:35 AM

One year and five months ago today this journey began and today so it shall continue.

Once more as always, thank you all who have bared with me in recent months as I "rode the wave" of my mental health through the end of last year and on into this year. A time which seemed filled with so much darkness and despair that I simply could not gather enough motivation to write anything since just before Christmas. A shout-out to a dear friend of mine also enduring her own adversity on a daily basis; she's awesome. True to my motto, yet here I am. Still. Contrary to popular belief, finding the will to feel good about yourself, let alone to talk about that with others, is not often a simple or easy goal to accomplish.

A concerning issue I have been grappling with these last few months has been whether I should or should not be so realistic when advocating publicly for mental health awareness. I can be so genuinely striking when it comes to positive energy, yes. But there have been times when I seem to come across too seriously and therefore somewhat negative. After all, I am in the midst of my own mental health recovery. I feel that being a public advocate does require setting forth a positive and productive example for others. If I ever hope to expect anyone who reads this blog to be guided towards a positive path in their own lives, I should be mindful of and mature about how I advocate. Since December that issue largely kept me from writing even the simplest of words: I.

Why? Because I have been struggling. I feared portraying too much of a stressed out person and how any of you might feel about that and me. Especially anyone younger in age when mental health can be more challenging to deal with. So, what was it that spurred me to write again? Where was this source of inspiration, which shined light through my struggles and gave me the energy to write more than a few words? To be honest it is from a very familiar source although one I have been feeling less and less able to enjoy in recent months...

The movies.

It all started with an experiment. After attending the December and February meetings for the local Suicide Prevention Task Force (SPTF), I happened upon information about a movie event on March 14th. A notable suicide attempt survivor and national voice for suicide prevention, Kevin Hines, has a local screening of his educational film called "The Ripple Effect". I am really looking forward to attending as a suicide attempt survivor myself, and will likely write a blog soon after the 14th about the event. As a result, shortly following the February SPTF meeting I thought back to 2013 just before Marvel's Iron Man 3 film hit theaters, and to when the UK International trailer was released.

March 12th, 2018:

"Marvel-ous moments; Meaningful Life"

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