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Marvel-ous moments; Meaningful Life

Posted on March 12, 2018 at 1:05 AM

I had identified quite strongly to the dialogue in the Iron Man 3 UK international trailer when it first came out. Some of the lines seemed to jump out at me as logic I could relate to at the time. In 2013, I was one year prior to my second experience with suicide (contemplation) so it was no surprise why I liked it. I was under a lot of stress not to mention the fact that back then I had not yet even touched mental health awareness or acceptance. The evening after this February's Suicide Prevention Task Force meeting, with learning about the Kevin Hines movie event in mind, I sat down and decided to tinker with the Iron Man 3 UK international trailer's dialogue. Do feel free to check out the actual trailer on Youtube should it be helpful. Listed below is what I managed to reword after an hour's worth of solid effort.


I'm Jim Irion.

I blog about mental health.

I don't have a great girl.

And occasionally, volunteer in the community.

So why, can't I sleep?

I have advocated for a single goal.

I will advance mental health awareness at all costs.

And suicide must be stopped.


You don't know who I am.

You'll never see me coming.


What am I going to do about these deaths?

The whole world's gonna be struggling.

The question, who is Jim Irion?


Things are different now.

I have to live for the one thing I can barely live without.

That's Love.


Mr. Irion, today, is the first day, of what's left of your life.

I'm going to offer a choice:

do you want an empty life, or a meaningful death?


You're not invincible; you're nothing more than a terror.

I'm not afraid of you; no politics here.

Just good old fashioned Courage.

Hence, the experiment I was referring to.

Wow. Talk about intense, especially if you listen to the music track for the trailer (Basalt by The Hit House). Ben Kingsley's line towards the end is what struck me the most, because it is exactly what I have felt in recent years when my depression symptoms peak. In my humble opinion, suicide is the worst of the worst when it comes to mental health. When I've felt my worst my life does feel rather distant, as I describe it I do feel the other kind of tired, quite defeated, worn down, and really just empty. When I first heard that line in the trailer, and Kingsley says the alternative of a meaningful death, I still get chills run up and down my spine.

Even now. That is why in my reworded dialogue I titled Kingsley's character as suicide. It is as if that is the entity speaking to me through those words. I will be completely honest when I say yes; I have often considered a meaningful death over the empty life I sometimes feel I am living. Not to go out in a blaze of glory, but to save a child from a burning building, take a bullet for a teenager amidst a school shooting as three faculty did during the Parkland, Florida shooting, and so on. In the right place of life, self-sacrifice is in fact the noblest act a human being can initiate. So, it's not an entirely inappropriate response for me with the movie trailer. All things considered though, this is where I get my passion to help others with mental health awareness. I would give my life to do everything that I can, now, to put myself on the line for the greater good at my expense. I don't want an empty life nor do I want death, yet. I want a meaningful life; I want the best of both.

What is important to acknowledge are unhealthy, negative feelings or behavior and to act accordingly. Taking a negative and making it a positive can be so very uplifting I hope I, or anyone else, ever loses that edge. Stay and build the future. That's why these Marvel superhero films have been so fulfilling; they portray realistic people who through adversity and effort can act heroically. Simply because they can and so can each of us. I had shared my reworded dialogue with a regular attendee at this month's March SPTF meeting and she liked the creativity very much. Due to her enthusiastic response, that evening after the meeting I took a closer look at other Marvel film trailers. I was curious to see what other dialogue could be as identifiable as from Iron Man 3. What I discovered were some interesting results.

Enter the Winter Soldier.

March 13th, 2018:

"Marvel-ous moments; One Step"

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