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For a reason...

Posted on March 17, 2018 at 1:05 AM

Have you ever felt that some things tend to happen for a reason? As if an event, or a loved one, in your life seems like it was meant to be? Depending on your faith or beliefs, perhaps some sort of higher power? Imagine someone such as myself, a skeptic and realist, begins noticing more of those kinds of experiences in their own life gradually over time. String enough of them together and the skepticism slowly begins to fade away. In the last ten years, I have seen this unfold in my life. The most recent example was triggered by the trailer for the unreleased Marvel film, Avengers: Infinity War, specifically the dialogue by the supervillain Thanos. A foe that will be the toughest yet, by far, for the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to confront.

How can someone find positive inspiration from something as negative as a villain, or as foreboding a film as Avengers: Infinity War seems to be? Why is more inspiration sometimes necessary when it comes to facing adversity or particularly if living with mental illness? How does the timing of this film's release (April 27th) relate to what I am dealing with right now to create such a feeling of happening for a reason? What exactly am I struggling with? Why? First, I would like to thank all those who have not only followed along this past year, but continue to find the time in their busy lives to read what I feel confident enough to share here. Thank you, kindly. Allow me to begin explaining what has temporarily brought me out from isolation and silence and back to being a voice that can be heard once again.

So, how can a foreboding movie have inspired me to break my months-long silence? Especially when things in my life have not yet begun to improve. To be honest, I still struggle from week to week. I mean, Infinity War looks to show the Avengers getting their butts handed to them. A knock-down, drag out, not every hero will survive kind of movie. That isn't a positive thing. Thanos is a supervillain; definitely not a positive role model like the character Steve Rogers is. Well... Inspiration doesn't just come from strictly positive forms. It only becomes positive when it is intended to be. Hence, the effort of being genuinely positive to yourself on the inside first.

I can blog about my experiences with mental illness all day and all night. Until or unless I encourage a positive state of mind, or helpful goal in any of your lives, there would be very little inspiration to be found on this website. However, inspiration could still be created anyway because knowing how to find it is half the battle. Therein lies an important truth; just about anything can be a source for positive inspiration. Even negativity and the hardships of our lives. Even suicide itself. People bullying you because you look different, act different, dress different, or if you vote differently than they would. All are examples of negativity and stigma, but can still become a source for positive inspiration. Even with an evil supervillain like Thanos. Remember how I often say that I try to make negatives into positives?

Being resourceful. Being flexible. Being resilient. Simple courage or just doing your best. Your back doesn't have to be against a wall for you to survive something like a bad day or as difficult as suicide. It also does not take any special skills to achieve. Understanding that inspiration can come from anything around us, and just the effort of trying to be positive really does go a long way. "Give the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway." "Create anyway." Mother Teresa. Believe me the tougher things get the more positive inspiration is needed. So, being more resourceful with finding sources of inspiration can definitely come in handy. Bring on Thanos!

As well, a more compelling or the more negative the source can potentially become a more powerful force of positive inspiration. I could just be a passive fan of Chris Hemsworth's character, Thor, and feel only minimal inspiration. Meh... He's alright. If I really identify with him on a personal level, for any number of meaningful reasons, the power of inspiration can increase tenfold. Being a parent and losing your child to suicide can be beyond crippling. But if you have the strength to honor your loved one, to heal properly on the inside, and become strong enough to live in honor and memory of them, that once powerful negative influence in your life becomes the exact opposite. A negative becomes a positive.

Yes, it takes some work. After all I am a realist. My mind always works 24/7. :) Though, once you discover the ease with which so many things around you in life can be a source of strength with the effort applied, the possibilities are endless. As you get better creating positive inspiration you'll also tend to find out how addictive it can be too. In some situations, such as having severe depression or bipolar for example, more positive reinforcement is necessary in order to maintain good mental and physical health. Such as this point in my life right now.

However, to be honest, this is where the optimism with what I have been sharing this week begins to wane... Check back tomorrow to find out how and why.

[To be continued...]

March 18th, 2018:

"For a reason...  Part Two"

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