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Social Media Syndrome

Posted on January 5, 2020 at 1:00 AM

Social Media Syndrome”

Poem written by: Jim R. Irion

That moment you stop scrolling

       through your Facebook news feed;

all your friend's happy lives

       you've just irrevocably seen.

How sad this time of year

       can be without someone.

Since I'm in the mood

       here is my poem about one.

This is nothing you want to read.

       My "someone, someday" is not with me.

All these pictures with your kids.

       Partners, pets, the smiles and grins.

Friends or family, would I really be missed?

       Maybe someday I may end up testing this.

Too many friends my life is no part of.

       React with a ❤️, please show me some love.

I'm sorry I'm not a more popular person.

       Accomplished, married, any number of children.

I try, I hope, to be like many of you.

       Next year though, I just hope to see it through...

My daily headaches have not stopped yet.

       Someday soon I may not wake up again.

I think back to high school all those years ago.

       Who am I? With nothing to show.

If you're reading this, and truly do care,

       please don't unfriend me if you have love to spare.

A genuine act of generous kindness

       can still help when my life is toughest.

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