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Almost, almost

Posted on June 18, 2017 at 1:00 AM

Yes. Almost finished with my writing project's sixth and final short story, entitled "In Love & Fear"©. Since the last update I have pushed myself through finishing Chapters Three, Four, Five, and Six. As it stands right now (I literally typed the word write because I have been writing for so long), I am half way through Chapter Seven and very close to finishing the story. The way I see it there will be Chapter Eight to write and at most a Chapter Nine, depending on how the rest of the story unfolds. It will be done by the next update for sure.

Considering how long I have put off regular blogging in order to write this book, I have been thinking about taking two to four weeks off from blogging so I can have a break. After all, this is not paying money and neither is it a career. Just yesterday, I had a kindly friend check out my fifth story for feedback and critiques. He is a very talented writer himself and has already published several works, so I am very grateful for his insight. He confirmed that pursuing an editor of my writing before publishing would be a safe bet. He also gave me his opinion of the realism of mental health issues portrayed in the story, which made me realize this book might be best for people who do not have mental health conditions.

Given that I have added a fair amount of realism along with suspense, for some people who have mental health issues these stories might be a bit too strong. This is invaluable feedback because I have not yet been able to determine where the writing stands for what is appropriate by age group and mental health. I intend to seek out local mental health professionals with plenty of experience so I can determine if there should be an advisory provided with the book. I want to make sure no one is surprised by the reading and can find inspiration from it if it is something they are interested checking out. Although, finding an editor as the next step is anyone's guess because I literally have no contacts locally. Should be fun to pursue.

So, the final story will be done before two weeks and it could not come soon enough. The writing is taking me twice as long because of anxiety and stress of trying to resolve my living situation and occupational anxiety. A referral for a psychiatric evaluation to determine my specific diagnoses is soon to be in the works. Like I've said, I am very late in pursuing this so I want to make sure other people know to seek professional help sooner than I have. I may also have found an unexpected but vital community resource that can help me with my occupational issue. Finding not just a menial job, but a job I can move out and begin living on my own is and always has been my top priority.

There are those close to me who have been that, but I am still optimistic especially now in this past week having spoken with several mental health professionals who are realizing what my current situation is. Am I nervous about all of these issues and emotions? Darn right I am. Do I feel depressed being thirty five and only now pushing forward to resolve my issues with finding a career? I have, but my volunteer work and the many wonderful people I have been getting to know continue to keep my spirits up. I imagine there are people around my age in similar or worse situations and I can only fear if any of them are not as determined as I have been.

There have been several more suicides in the news I've read about, with one being local. The kid went to either the principal's office or guidance counselor twice, was not taken seriously, before he did what I wish I could've prevented. I am in mental health recovery and it matters for me to live for tomorrow because so many people need the hope that has been sustaining me. Our local HOPE Drop-In Center has been doing an outstanding job helping people in our community. An amazing job. There is someone I have befriended who is literally advocating in her own area of interest and making a name for herself. She is just a bit older than me and has been an inspiration for making it despite the issues she's faced.

Hope is out there and it is real. In the next several months my mental health recovery will enter a new stage assisting me with moving forward in my life. While I won't give every detail, I will share what is most important for other people who read this to know so more barriers and stigma to mental health recovery can be diminished. Let's do this. The next time you tune in for my latest blog post should be when I finish "Just Before the Dawn"©.

See you all then.

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