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Marvel-ous moments; One Step

Posted on March 13, 2018 at 1:05 AM

Do keep in mind that some of these Marvel film trailers have been around for a couple years or more. So, I have had an extended amount of time to be inspired by them. It goes to show what can inspire does not mean it inspires you only once. Blessed be that or I might not still be here. :) Marvel's first true cinematic universe film, Iron Man, came out a decade ago in 2008. Iron Man 3 came out five years ago in May of 2013; five years to be awe-inspired by it multiple times. Hence the next Marvel film trailer that I took a look at this past week.

"Are you ready for the world to see you as you really are? You look out the window; you know how the game works.

Disorder. War.

All it takes is one step." -Robert Redford, Alexander Pierce (Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer).

[With the following background movie trailer music:  Ninja Tracks - Pretender]

One step... The quote above from the movie trailer feels like it hearkens to my decision to begin advocating for mental health awareness back in October of 2016. My still largely un-noticed, grassroots effort not to get myself recognized but to find myself while helping more people along the way. And beyond, to greater goals and a bigger impact for awareness as well as prevention. That's what this website is all about. A journey of self-discovery for anyone willing to take it. I have strong faith in the words and work I've laid out here over the past year and a half. All of this can, and will, help lead people out of their darkness and towards a better light of their own.

In fact, in this film the character, Steve Rogers as Captain America, finds himself along a very similar path of figuring out who he is at a challenging point of his life. Before I decided to begin blogging, I asked myself whether I was ready for the world to see me as I really am. To learn about the truth of my mental health. I do look out the window. I know how the world works. Disorder, war, chaos, bullying, terror, murder, death, suicide, and fear. Not exactly a comforting environment to step into willingly, to be honest. But that isn't all the this world is about nor will it ever be during the time that we are here. Though, I still knew full well the stiff opposition I would be facing if I chose to advocate. The least of which being discrimination by potential employers.

Let's face it. Mental health then, and now, is not all that well accepted. Yet. For one, bullying is at an all-time serious high due to the backlash after Donald Trump's presidential election. This alone has been frightening for me to see it unfold, spread ravenously, and to witness first-hand in some cases. It's like going from the outside of a pool to being near the deep end. Maybe even with the sharks added too. So far, I have shared of the fiery passion which drives me to advocate, while also going through the challenging process of my own mental health recovery. But I have not shared the other reason why I decided to embark on this otherwise perilous journey...


As one of the quotes on my Words Of Wisdom page expresses is that nothing worthwhile is easy. In 2016, I faced a repeat of my 2014 suicide contemplation. I chose this path for the right reasons, absolutely. But also because of the darker forces behind my life at the time and now, as well. I traded the desperation for the powerful passion of striving to help people. So far, it has worked and is helping to sustain me. To keep me going. It allows me to give the tomorrows a chance. Putting one foot in front of the other. Never needing to be thanked. Never wanting anyone's pity. I don't want to watch the world burn. I want to dig down deep into the muck surrounding us and crawl if I have to in order to make things better. If it means taking a bullet, then I won't hesitate to save a life. I am in this until I literally change the world somehow. Chuckle now, but I will be successful later.

As Steven Rogers is fond of saying in the Marvel films, "I can do this all day".

You're absolutely right I can do this all day. Actor Chris Evans' superb portrayal of Rogers is one of the reasons why I have come to like the Marvel Cinematic Universe films to very much. Which, in fact, brings me to the next film trailer as we continue to move along...

Along on into the Age of Ultron.

March 14th, 2018:

"Marvel-ous moments; Here We All Are"

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