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There Is A Time

Posted on January 5, 2020 at 1:05 AM

There Is A Time”

Poem written by: Jim R. Irion

There is a time for pain

       that can send you reeling.

There is a time for love.

       Oh the unrivaled feeling.

The Darkness in thee.

       The Light in thou.

Balance them equally.

       It is possible to do.

All prayers could feel lost.

       Not much hope left in sight.

I have been there and back.

       I know what this is like.

Many people think me nuts.

       I’m a talker and a realist.

Why won’t I just shut up?

       It’s my nature to be honest.

Does sunlight not shine

       creating so many shadows?

The good, the bad in life

       are nothing to be afraid of.

So charge through the fog

       and grasp the Light.

Pierce the Darkness

       despite its might.

You’re not too negative.

       Don’t let them shame you.

Remember I was here.

       Tell that to them too.

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